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Austinmer Beach


Nestled between the expansive rock platforms of two low headlands, Austinmer Beach is the perfect spot for a jog on the sand, a dip in the water, or a day spent lounging in the sun. Just 25 minutes north of Wollongong’s central business district and spanning 250 metres of the Australian coast, Austinmer Beach is perfect for a day trip.


Austinmer Beach’s popularity dates back to the early 1900s. The steam train brought visitors to quaint guesthouses where many spent their summer holidays.


Today Austinmer Beach is a popular attraction for holiday makers and day trippers, drawing large crowds between September and April. Austinmer is still the perfect place for a retreat from everyday life. Located on Lawrence Hargrave Drive, the shore is just steps away from a great selection of shopping and dining options, and offers a spacious car park for easy access.

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